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After spending nearly two decades as Founder & Executive Director of Metropolitan School of the Arts in Alexandria, VA  Melissa Dobbs followed her son's passion for baseball and relocated to Sarasota, Florida where she founded Future of Dance in response to a widespread and immediate need to reshape the dance education industry for our youth of today and leaders of tomorrow.

During her time in the Washington DC area, she taught over 10,000 children and developed a time-tested teaching methodology based on a classical approach to dance education coupled with an innovative study of neuroscience, mind-body connection and childhood development.  The curriculum is rooted in the classics,  honors the history and evolution of dance and promotes excellence in technical and artistic training.   The pedagogy is intelligent and inspiring and encourages students to ignite their inner spark and maximize their human potential.

She is excited to share the FUTURE OF DANCE curriculum with children and teachers all over the world.

Future of Dance is headquartered in Sarasota, Florida and officially launched in August of 2021.

Together, we can learn from the past and reshape the future of dance education.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.


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