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We are on a mission to positively change lives through the transformative power of dance.

Future of Dance is a one-of-a kind organization dedicated to fostering the excellence, safety and efficacy of youth dance education and performance.

What we believe:

  • We believe in excellence. Future of Dance emphasizes excellence in all we do.  Our teachers model excellence and our students learn to strive to be their best in the classroom, on stage and in life.

  • We teach dance through a time-tested approach to learning that provides an excellent technical foundation for future achievement.

  • We honor the history of dance and study the great masters and contributors who preceded our time.  We learn from our past as we experience the present and contribute to the future.

  • We believe in a mastery-based approach to learning.  Rather than students moving quickly through curriculum, we advocate for a thorough and complete understanding of the work and lessons.

  • We believe that the dance is an integral part of human existence; all human beings are wildly creative and wired to dance.

  • We believe that excellence in dance education wires the brain for excellence in life.   Dance connects the mind, body and soul through the repetition of movement, frequency of music and mastery of patterns and sequence.

  • We believe that dance education is an entry point to life long innovation.

  • We believe that dance is an expression of the soul.

  • We believe that dance education must be instructed from a body, mind and soul approach.

  • We believe dance has the power to transform lives.


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