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About the Institute for Movement Medicine @ Future of Dance

For more information,  call 941-841-1110 or email



We believe that movement heals the mind, body and soul, so Future of Dance is home to the Institute for Movement Medicine which offers a variety of Pilates and movement classes for adults and teens of all ages and abilities!

Private Pilates Training

We offer one-on-one, private Pilates training on Stott reformers for the most personalized experience.


Semi-Private Reformer Classes

Semi-Private reformer classes are designed to bring challenge and joy.  Pilates builds strength, flexibility and stamina while training the body to be functionally strong and lean.  The reformers use springs and pulleys to provide resistance suitable to challenge all levels and abilities.  Limited to 4 students per class.

Group Mat Classes

Mat classes at the Institute for Movement Medicine combine a unique blend of ballet, yoga and Pilates into a dynamic workout of isometric exercises and stretches specifically designed to lengthen and sculpt your muscles to create a beautiful, lean body.  Our welcoming environment encourages students of all ages and abilities to maximize their potential.  If you are looking to completely transform your physique, build stronger core strength, cardiovascular health, flexibility, strength and endurance, this class is for you.

Dance Classes

We offer a variety of dance classes for all ages and levels! Our classes in ballet, tap, jazz are designed to meet our students at their levels they are and are full of energy and joy!

Yoga Classes

The yoga program at The Institute for Movement Medicine is for the holistic development of body, mind and soul.  We offer quality yoga instruction through the practice of Vinyasa Yoga for students of all abilities. Vinyasa Yoga is breathe-synchronized movement where the yoga poses flow from one to another in conjunction with the breath.  At our studio, you will find classes that ignite energy and diffuse stress, cultivate strength and flexibility and encourage peace in ways that are accessible for beginners and advanced alike.  By promoting a balanced yoga practice, we hope to integrate the needs of our students in a way that fosters well being on and off the yoga mat.

Pilates Prerequisite Class

  • Intro Reformer Session (55 Minutes), $55

Private Training

  • Single Class, $120/lesson

  • 10 Privates, $1000 ($100/lesson)

Semi-Private Reformer Program

  • Single Class, $35/class

  • 10 Class Card, $300 ($30/class)

Group Class Program

  • Single Class, $20

  • 10 Class Card, $150 ($15/class)

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